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Oral Park

Oral Park is a dental practice designed exclusively for children: the two founders, Dr. Camilla Blondi and Dr. Biagio Patanè, take care of children’s teeth from infancy to the end of growth, involving them in therapy through play.

The idea of the study comes during the university years, but it is only in 2002 that their dream becomes reality. The philosophy of the studio lies precisely in the creation of a service designed exclusively for children, with treatments tailored to their particular psychological and health needs.


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For a place so marked by play and sharing, social distancing has left a profound mark, completely changing the look and working method of Oral Park. Group visits were abolished, toys could no longer be shared, as were joysticks and colored pencils. It was time to get an idea: the children were locked up at home, with no possibility of going to school or seeing friends, with the risk of gorging themselves on sweets and losing good dental hygiene habits.

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