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Digital Strategy

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To be successful on social media, every action must be well thought out and included in a multi-channel strategy, in which every digital activity has its own well-defined goal. If your digital identity does not satisfy you, if you do not have social channels and if you are simply looking for someone to take them to a higher level, we will help you define the tone of voice, set goals and identify the most suitable ways to cultivate. your brand personality online.

Content Creation

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The starting point for successful social channels are content: they must be curated, refer to a precise storytelling and follow the distinctive traits of the brand. The content creation activity always starts from the strategy, based on which we define what type of materials to produce and for which touchpoints; in this phase we will understand if it is necessary to organize shootings to acquire new images, involving the brand in the creation of a moodboard that tells the essence of the project step by step.

Editorial Plans

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The creation of the editorial plan is the most delicate activity of all social media management: in this phase the contents to be posted are defined, it is decided when to publish them and above all what to make the images “say”. The editorial plan is based on different levels of content: “continuous” content, based on well-defined editorial streams, will be associated with intermediate-level content designed to stimulate a specific perception or action by users and higher-level content , considered real editorial activations, i.e. activities that allow you to develop content together with the community.

Community Management

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Through targeted content, we retain those who already know the brand and intercept new users, with the aim of stimulating followers to interact with the channels, expanding the community and the editorial offer. Community management is a fundamental aspect of social activity because it allows not only to increase the online brand reputation, but also to bring people and companies closer together through entertainment, dialogue, participation and support.

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