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Challenge Vision and values Positioning
If your brand no longer resembles you or if you need to create a completely new project from scratch, Estro will accompany you in all stages of the journey. Through a cycle of meetings and workshops, we will work together to define or rethink the values and vision of your brand and collect all the elements necessary to consciously design the assets with which to communicate both online and offline.

Logo Design

Study and research Proposals Usage manual
The creation of a logo is perhaps the most delicate moment in the conception of a brand: a single image must reflect the personality of the company and make people talk about it. We start the work with research and brainstorming, to start defining the visual through references and associations. Then we move on to design: first we do a round of user tests, then we choose the 3 best options and deliver our proposals.

Visual Identity

Ispirations Concept Moodboard Tone of voice
Our branding projects always start with a collective moment of brainstorming and inspiration. To avoid going wrong, we follow a very defined process to identify the keywords and expressions that define the brand, its business and its challenges. Only later do we develop a general concept and visually decline it, to then move on to the definition of the first ideas of artistic direction. To start a complete and relevant brand experience, at the end of each branding project we provide a very detailed brand book, in which the work done is explained and the graphic choices are motivated. The brand book contains the study and the manual of the logo, the color palette, the typographies and indications on the brand personality and tone of voice.

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