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design is not just what it looks like,
design is how it works

Ux Design

Empathize Define Ideate Iterare
We spend much more time on the web than we imagine, for this reason it is important that digital spaces are designed on the user’s needs. We work and think from the abstract to the concrete, to identify the most appropriate solutions and features to improve and optimize the online experience, modeling each project on the needs of stakeholders. At the end of this research phase, we produce reports in which we identify the user personas and define the Customer Journey Map, performing the diagnosis of the problems of the platform (website or app) and the competitor analysis with the aim of improving the customer experience. user based on the data collected.

Ui Design

Design system Wireframe Prototype Handoff
The UI (user interface) design is a fundamental component of UX, because it allows the digital space to be modeled on the needs of the user and on the guidelines of the brand. It is a creative phase that allows us to translate all the information previously collected into visuals, through the development of a design system whose digital components can be recognized by users as distinctive elements of the brand. This allows us to set the artistic direction of the project and produce wireframes and prototypes that simulate the experience of the final product developed, to ensure that the immersive aspects work well in the context of use.

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