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When you leave for an unknown universe, you need to make sure you are in good company. A famous writer said that “the journey is the travelers” and so here is the best team that has ever been put together. We are many and all different and each one makes Estro a little bit special… Do you want to get to know us better?

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  • Guidalberto

    Team Lead
  • Aldo

  • Pietro

  • Chiara

    Design Lead
  • Artù

    Personal Assistant
  • Stefano

    Project Lead
  • Cesare

    Tech Specialist
  • Sebastiano

    Back-end Developer
  • Maria Cecilia


About us

your voice matters

Our work is based on the ability to generate reactions in people: behind the screen there are always human beings and it is only human beings who make the difference between a beautiful content and a successful one.

  • Strong in design, super helpful team. A voice out of the chorus among marketing agencies.
    – Beatrice B, ex Account Manager
  • Since they got help us with our platform, it has become much more intuitive for the final user.
    – Carlo Andrea Guatterini – Ceo EdilGo