When you leave for an unknown universe you have to make sure you are in good company … A famous writer said that “the journey is the travelers” and so – ladies and gentleman – here is the best team that has ever been put together.
We are many and all different and each makes a little special inspiration… Do you want to get to know us better?

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  • Guidalberto
    Head of finance

    Guidalberto Guidalberto
  • Amalia
    Head of creative

    Amalia Amalia
  • Aldo

    Aldo Aldo
  • Pietro
    Head of business development

    Pietro Pietro
  • Chiara
    Visual designer

    Chiara Chiara
  • Artù
    Personal assistant

    Artù Artù
  • Stefano
    Head of operations

    Stefano Stefano
  • Cochi
    Personal assistant

    Cochi Cochi
  • Sebastiano
    Back-end Developer

    Sebastiano Sebastiano
  • Cesare
    Front-end Developer

    Cesare Cesare
  • Chiara
    Accounting Manager

    Sebastiano Sebastiano
  • Matteo
    Business developer

    Matteo Matteo
  • Cecilia
    Graphic Designer

    Cecilia Cecilia
  • Matteo
    Digital Strategist

    Matteo Matteo

About us

your voice matters

Our work is based on the ability to generate reactions in people: behind the screen there are always human beings and it is only human beings who make the difference between a beautiful content and a successful one.

  • Strong on graphics and design, super helpful team. A voice out of the chorus in the Bologna market of marketing agencies
    – Beatrice B, former Account Manager
  • Since they got their hands on our platform, it has become much more intuitive
    – Carlo Andrea Guatterini – Ceo EdilGo

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