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Gelato &Co

Gelato & Co is a franchising format of artisan ice cream parlors, founded in 2013 by a renowned Bolognese entrepreneur, Gianluca Vitali, together with a passionate and award-winning Tuscan ice cream maker, Stefano Franceschi. Their desire was to export Italian ice cream to America and, starting from the Cayman Islands, they brought cones and bowls first to Panama and Puerto Rico, and then conquered the USA, with stores opened in Colorado, Texas and Florida.


Visual identity
Interior Design
Sales & Franchising
Social Media Management
Web Development

Italian recipes,
american spirit

For Gelato & Co we use resources to carry out a marketing strategy, aligned with the brand identity, making ourselves available to the company, in charge of the commercial management of the business, analyzing the margins for improvement, and
developing customized strategies.